Reasoning Compass - 3

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 The goal of this book is to improve logical-reasoning skills of the students. This is a book about intelligent reasoning. Reasoning is the process of drawing conclusions; intelligent reasoning is the kind of reasoning performed by humans. This is not to say that this book is about the psychological aspects of human reasoning: rather, it discusses methods to implement intelligent reasoning. High-quality reasoning is called logical reasoning or critical thinking. Logical reasoning skills can be learned and improved. It is not a case of “Either you’re naturally good at it or you’re not.” Rather, every student is capable of reasoning well, and everyone is capable of improvement. This book presents intelligent reasoning techniques by examples.

The gist given in this book have been anticipated keeping in mind the physical and mental growth of the child at this stage. The access of teaching the subject is mainly focused on activities which approve active participation of the students. Children’s in the process of learning has been ensured through regular exercises and activities within the text.

It has been written in a graded manner. Attractive four - colour illustrations and simple exercises each with some creative activity are special features of the book. 

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