Vikram English Reader - 2

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The English Reader series (1-5) is based on the National Curriculum Framework and incorporates the latest techniques of English Language Teaching (ELT). This series makes effective use of interactive techniques and methods to develop English Language proficiency through the deployment of communication skills. It aims to develop the four basic skills of communication i.e., Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Some of the main features of the series are:

  • The stories and poems cover diverse themes like real life, adventure, moral, nature, mystery, current global issues, fiction, myth, science and legends.
  • Glossary : This section helps the learner to find meanings of difficult words.
  • MCQs, True or False, Fill in the blanks and many more exercises are included to check the thorough understanding of the chapter.
  • Grammar Skills : This section presents grammar in a structured manner. Important grammar concepts are graded systematically and explained with examples followed by exercises.
  • Listen and Understand and Conversation Skills offer a wide range of tasks based on real life situations, which helps the learners to interact confidently in English.
  • Word Power : Encourage the learners to learn the proper pronunciation of the word.
  • Writing Skills : Plenty of writing tasks is given to develop confidence in learners.
  • Let’s Have Fun : Consists of many activities and projects, which enables the learners to learn the concept in a play way method.
  • Life Skills to learn values and morality of life.
  • Practice Sheets at the end will surely help the teachers to assess the mental abilities of the students.

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